APORRO CUBAN VS. OTHERS: The Facts of APORRO Cuban Chains You Need to Know

Since the 1980s, the Cuban chain has been endowed by people with a symbol of wealth and power. However, there are many Cuban chains with different prices on the market, but the products vary considerably in quality. What this blog will bring is the difference between APORRO's Cuban chain and the Cuban chain from others. Let's check the 4 comparisons below.

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Our Cuban links are fully iced out with the highest grade 5A CZ stones with over 57 facets. You can see the stone placement from one of our most outstanding made-to-order product 4-Rows Gem Cuban is more tightly packed against each other so that there's basically no gaps and edges, while the gaps between each stone from regular chains are larger. Most importantly, our stones are all hand-set.

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Each link is hand-crafted individually to keep consistency throughout the entire chain. You can see the old version chain’s welds are actually open and pretty obvious to spot, but for the new version of the APORRO Cuban chain, you can see that all welds of the links are completely closed with zero gaps.

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Another upgrade that our designers made to these classic Cuban links is the birth of the innovative box clasps. Instead of using the buckles, it gives you ease and convenience when putting on a chain yourself.

These new box clasps are fully iced out both inside and outside. Compared to our stone placement we used to use, we are now using the Pave setting technology for this upgraded version, the shine will be more irresistible and striking. For example, the 12mm 20” Cuban link has precisely 1540 stones, just the clasp itself already has 321 stones.

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Finally, we know how much you care about the weight of these chains. Our New Version 12mm 18” Cuban link weighs 188.1 grams. Aporro’s Cuban chain is a solid piece, which adds some weight to it unlike other hollow ones on the market. As you can see from the picture, our new box clasp is also solid instead of the old hollow one.

Click here for more information: https://www.aporro.com/collections/cubans

Based on these technical designs, we also integrated many different elements on the designs of these new box clasps including COOGI, broken heart, cross, lightning, G.O.A.T and every custom clasp is available for APORRO.
In addition to this, we have developed products such as bracelets and anklets with many different sizes and colors that provide the fashionists to personalized their dressing solutions that are suitable for various scenes. You will definitely be the one that is outstanding!

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