When Fashion Icon JAY-Z and DJ Khaled make it fire in 2012, no one would imagine that the Cuban links could be killing all these years.

Variations’ coming year by year ranging from diamond encrusted to shorter length like Choker. The Cuban links are seen anytime or anywhere. At Aporro, we also felt your enthusiasts in it. In order to get lot more of you to have such a dope chain, we are restocking it now in two different sizes, the width 5mm, and 12mm. Have a quick look at it.

the upper is 5mm width and the below one is 12mm with same length

Box designed clasp, quite awesome and in style these days.

"weight" means a lot to chains since it is first worn by Jay-Z and Dj Khaled. The pics are showing the net weight of our Cubans link chains.
5mm width is 22 grams and the other 12mm width is 121 grams

Highly polished and smooth

Considering your diverse style of daily outfits, we also produce the chains in different length for you this time, like 18-inch Choker, 24, 26 and 30-inch links.
Dancing under the flash light. For sure, the white gold Cubans with diamonds will also come in stock in the near future, keep tuned.
If you are interested in it, purchase it in advance. We will ship it to you the moment we get it, which means that you will receive it within 5 days at most.  
Also, good news for you. From today on, registering on our website, you can get $10 coupon off for any of your purchase including these chains. USE CODE: SIGNUP10
Any questions, please feel free to comment below or contact us via Email: sales@aporro.com
Happy Labor Day!

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