Bee items have dominated Hip Hop fashion for a couple of years. Many people like wearing Bee items to parties and concerts. The trend for Bee items have increased in various global markets.

Aporro designers did what they do best to turn the beautiful and dynamic fashion bee items into our buzzing bee pendant. The Bee pendant has transcended just hip hop and can now be seeing in all walks of life.

14K Gold Iced Out Bee Necklace - Aporro Hip Hop Jewelry

We are pretty sure the outdoor code is “Whenever you out: Bee accessories required”, because nearly every young person seems to get the memo.

14K Gold Iced Out Bee Necklace - Aporro Hip Hop Pieces

Want to be unique?
Want to be the leader of fashion among your friends?
Want to catch others’ eyeball in a party?
Want the girls giving you a WOW?
Here, if you want a dope look when you go out and want to kill the scene, our Iced out Bee Necklace will do the job. We used black CZ stone and white CZ stone to create a shine unlike no other. You will be sure to turn heads at any event you plan on attending while wearing this.

Hanging out with your friends .

14K Gold Iced Out Bee Necklace - Aporro Urban Hip Hop Jewelry
Going to a beach party.

14K Gold Iced Out Bee Necklace - Aporro Urban Jewelry
Having dinner with your girl.

Rocking the show.

GET one piece! Wearing it give you more than a pendant can bring you! ONLY 50 PIECES LEFT WITH FREE HIP HOP CHAIN! GO get a 14K Gold Iced Out Bee Necklace!
Never stop chasing Aporro! You will never ever know the unexpected surprise behind our vibrant hip hop jewelry.

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