3 Years Anniversary Party

A Letter to APORRO family members:

Thank you so much for always believing in us and supporting us. We are thrilled to have you as our family member. Your satisfaction is the reason why we smile, and we hope our product is what makes you smile.

We are 3 years old now and we are excited to invite you to celebrate OUR birthday together on Aug 14th.





◆ Original Design

Inspired by diverse cultures and unique images in daily life, we turned our jewelry into its original and fresh design.

APORRO 2020 official collection - G.O.A.T.

APORRO 2020 official collection - Broken Heart

APORRO Faith collection

◆ Connector

We aim to become the art connector, to connect people from different culture, gender, and race through our “work of art” jewelry. We turn the world of arts into our wearable and collectable jewelry pieces and connect with more artists and brands.

2020 APORRO X COOGI Collaboration

APORRO 2020 collaboration with artists and influencers

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