In an effort to up his mask game in living up to his status in the hip-hop scene, 18Karat reached out to Aporro to upgrade his current mask to a fully iced out 18K VVS diamond mask. Finally, the piece was created by our skilled jewelers with 435 hours diamond setting, and a total of 365.25 carats (12467pcs ) of VVS diamonds was incorporated into the mask. A record high of 400,000 Euro It is for sure the most expensive face mask on earth.

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We have a great global team with a strong background in jewelry making; design. Not only high-end custom made but we wanted our high-end craftsmanship to be shared with people at every level and price range. We launched Aporro Premium to serve high-end custom design clients.

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We can create anything from custom pendants to one-of-kind rings. Please start your consultation and fill out the form or contact our customer service. We will get back to you as soon as possible.