FAQ 1: How to check out with credit card via paypal?

Payments at Aporro are processing by Paypal, but you do not need a PayPal account: you can enter your credit card information directly at PayPal (We will not collect your credit card information.) and complete your payments. 

Step 1: Open Aporro website

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Step 2: Select a product that you like and put it in your shopping cart

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Step 3: Open the cart and Click on PayPal Button

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Step 4: And then here is a trickiest part, instead of paying with paypal, you go all the way down to the bottom and you can see pay with credit card 

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Step 5: After they take you to screen. you can enter on your credit card information.

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csc is the number at the back of your credit card.

your name your billing address must be the same as that billing address for your credit card.

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Fill out other information such as your billing address.

Step 6: Then you scroll down and click continue now.

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Step 7: Go ahead and you will receive a confirmation that you have paid successfully.


FAQ 2: Why was my debit or credit card declined?

To help protect your account, PayPal uses a complex screening process for credit card payments. This helps prevent lost or stolen cards from being used for unauthorized transactions. On rare occasions, the screening process affects valid cards.

A credit card might also be denied if:

  • The card issuer is having technical problems that prevent authorization of a transaction.
  • The card issuer sees a charge that doesnft fit your normal spending patterns and blocks the transaction to protect you.
  • You've inadvertently exceeded the limit on your card.
If you know that your credit card is valid but your payment doesn't go through, you might want to:
  • Contact your credit card issuer directly. Ask why your card was declined, and whether you can still use it. If you can still use your card, please try your transaction again.
  • Pay securely online using your bank account. You can link your bank account to your PayPal account in just a few minutes. The merchant never sees your financial or other personal information.
  • Link a different credit card to your PayPal account.


If you still can't figure out the way to place your order. Feel free to contact our customer service, we would love to help you solve this problem. 

Email: sales@aporro.com 
Whatsapp: +1 626 206 8097