Custom-fit Grillz requires molds to be done properly. The molding process can be done at home, but please check out the following step-by-step instruction on how to get an impression mold by yourself.

If you already have a mold of your teeth, you can send us that mold, and we will send it back to you once everything is done. Otherwise, please read the instruction carefully before starting.

Also, be assured that the return postage/label is not given in this package, so customers are responsible for shipping their molds back to our address.

 In each order, we always include ONE mold kits, and one standard mold kit shall consist of:

Four putties (2 different colors - white & blue).
Two plastic tray (mouthpiece)
One zip-lock bag.


Step 1:

Wash your hands and dry them before taking the two putties out of their bags/boxes (It is recommended to wear gloves for preventing dirt and moisture).    

Step 2:

Mix the two putties well together until the mixture turns to one solid color. Next, roll the mold like a sausage link so it fits in the mouthpiece. 

NOTE: These steps should be done quickly within 30 seconds. If you do it slowly, the mixture will get hardened and result in a bad mold. Putty gets hard within 1 minute

Step 3:

Immediately place the putty mixture into the tray. Make sure the mixture is spread out evenly over the entire tray and stuck on the tray well.

Step 4:

Open your mouth as wide as possible and Lift your lip away from your teeth and put the tray straight over your mouth. Put the mouthpiece in until your teeth are right in the MIDDLE OF THE MOUTHPIECE WITHOUT BEING TOO CLOSE TO THE WALLS OF THE TRAY and push straight up (FOR TOP GRILLS) or straight down (FOR BOTTOM GRILLS) Using a mirror can help.

Make sure you bite the tray as tightly as your top and bottom teeth are touching the tray for 4 minutes. Make sure the putty covers your gum line. Make sure the mix covers your teeth, Gum, and that your lip is completely over the tray. Your impression must have a good visible gum line (where your teeth meet your gum).

Please do not talk at all or move while doing so, it can mess up your mold.

*The point is that we are trying to get a clear gumline where your teeth meet your gum. The more visible the gumline is shown within the mold, the more precise your grill will be.

Step 5:

After 4 minutes, open your mouth as wide as you can. Slowly and lightly wiggle the tray loose and off of your teeth. To avoid ruining the mold, do not pull it straight down. *Leave putty in tray*

Take a photo and send it to us for confirmation.  After confirmation we will send you an address then you can place the mold into the given zip lock bag, put it in a box, and ship it back.