As you all know, we at Aporro were, are and will always focus ourselves on the superb quality of all the hip hop jewelry on our website. So does the iced out Praying Hands Pendant.

We have seen much different quality praying hands in this business. Aporro takes pride in showing you the quality of our product from every placement of stones and smoothness of molding. 

You can see on the right, we have another praying hand which has very bad craftsmanship and plating. The stones are spread far apart and the luster of the piece isn't adequately showing.

Aporro takes time with PVD plating making sure our products are dipped in 14K gold more than 5 times so it will not tarnish over a very long period of time. The piece to the right worn one time can turn your neck green being that it isn't dipped numerous times in gold.

One of the most important thing to us is making sure that every side of our pendant is detailed and smooth.
If you look at the piece on the right the loop isn't fully closed which makes it easier for you to lose your piece at any given moment. 

We know our customers need a piece with good weight our Praying hand weighs 26.27g while the other company weighs 13g. When purchasing your next piece take all of this into consideration and choose Aporro.

That's how we are serious about each detail of our fashion pieces at Aporro. 

Also, the followings are the lifestyle pics we at Aporro would like to show you. CZ stones are shining and the elegant package with it will be a great choice for you to send gifts to your friends and families, expressing your kind wish and love to them.


Be wary of the products you buy online choose quality over pricing. We here at Aporro strive to provide you the customer the Greatest quality pendants we can possibly make.
The 14K Gold CZ stone praying hand pendant is available in a limited amount, do not hesitate to pick one today. Special offers still stands: 10% off for any 2 pieces now at Aporro (Code: SAVE10)

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