Don’t know whether you had doubt about the price and quality of our Cuban chains? Cuz they are soooo “cheap”, compared to what you saw in another place.

But I want to say YES, THEY ARE AFFORDABLE at Aporro. Throw away your ideas that the higher the price, the better quality the product is.
At Aporro, all we do is to provide you with best jewelry at best price so as to help save your money.
Normally speaking, with the same weight and size, the prices of plated items depend on the core metal, the thickness of the plating and its karat.
At Aporro, the Cuban chains right now are made of stainless steel which is perfect for plating and hard to bent. Plus 4 times plating, the Cubans are prevalent of tarnish and fade. Also, unlike 18K, 14K is more likely to be worn by celebrities and rappers since it is much brighter and good for the matching for daily outfits. Check the details below.


When you can find a product that is as good as others but with a cheaper price. Why not choose it?
Never be worried, if there are any flaws or inferiority of our products, feel free to contact us via Email We can exchange a totally new one to you or refund you. We 100% guarantee that.
Any questions, welcome to comment below or contact us via the following way:
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