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Completed Projects

Lil Mosey, an American rapper and songwriter, has become a rising star in a short span of time. He released his second album “Certified Hitmaker”on November 8, 2019. Inspired by the album, he designs this Hitmaker Pendant and Aporro brings it to life. Every musician wants to be the “Hitmaker”, he claims his ambition in this pendant. Clouds and lightning are his thoughts and rose gold is his favorite color. With exquisite craftsmanship, Aporro concentrates on details, sculpted repeatedly to make this jewelry unparalleled.

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Originated from the logo of Billie Eilish’s fashion brand - Blohsh, this necklace is her lovely birthday gift from The Bell Twins. Billie, an American singer and songwriter, has eight gold and four platinum singles in the US. The Bell Twins, models and actors, are Billie’s good friends. The custom necklace is also a symbol of their friendship.
Unlike other pendants hanging around the neck with bails, this pendant hangs down with a cuban link chain, which creates an iconic image. The whole necklace was fully iced with over 2000 clear blue gems and perfectly fit her blue look.

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Once Aporro entered the German market, our jewelry became popular among the hip-hop celebrities. 18Karat, a German rapper who achieved an incredible ascent and a great reach in a very short time, is the first artist we collaborated with.
The boy from the street convinces his fans with a hard street rap from real life, his statement and his life are reflected in his music. Nevertheless, out of love for hip-hop, he sees everything that gets in his way.
Aporro is proud to work with 18Karat because he stands for the highest quality, we stand for it too! His gold mask is his trademark and a statement. It gives him anonymity and also serves as a protective function. And 18Karat doesn't just think of himself and we don't either, that's why we have created great jewelry for all Supremos.

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